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Regional Development

Expected results
- identification of key messages and strategies for joint actions based on analyses and pilot projects, focusing on innovation, research mobility and business use of research facilities
- developing a common strategy for developing ÖKS-Hamburg into a globally competitive research region

Regional Development is led by Region Skåne and includes representatives from the Capital Region of Denmark and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. This work package aims to pinpoint strategic areas that could be strengthened by working cross-border between the three regions, focussing on the unique opportunities the research facilities ESS, MAX IV, DESY and the European XFEL bring to the extended ÖKS region. In order to achieve this, several activities will be carried out such as analysis, benchmarking, strategic meetings and workshops with relevant stakeholders on a regional, national and European level. The research facilities located in Hamburg and Lund provide techniques essential for our joint future capacity for research and innovation. However, new ground-breaking research and innovation require integrated use of these facilities where researchers can take advantage of the complementarity of the techniques available in Lund and the techniques available in Hamburg, and this calls for interregional cooperation. By finding new forms for increased interregional collaboration between Greater Copenhagen and Hamburg, the regions can together provide mechanisms for knowledge transfer across the entire innovation chain, increased competence among researchers (including young researchers - our future innovators) about the possibilities these infrastructure provide, integration of experimental techniques and analysis tools between infrastructures, and shared strategies that will ensure better utilisation of existing research infrastructures and long-term sustainability.

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Regional Development coordinator

Contact Eskil Mårtensson at eskil [dot] martensson [at] skane [dot] se

Eskil Mårtensson
Eskil Mårtensson

Overview of relevant strategies for Innovation, Life Science, Research facilities

The Work package Regional Development has made a pragmatic mapping and an overview of relevant strategies for Innovation, Life Science, Research facilities etc on regional, national (SE-DK-DE) and EU level. The analysis also includes associated projects and a short explanation of mandates and responsibilities. This is meant to establish a common platform for the next steps in the work package. The overview is also meant to give a regional development perspective to all parts of the HALOS project; to researchers, universities and the research facilities. A summary of the mapping is available PDF icon here

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