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HALOS webinar series

Photo: pixabay

Welcome to join HALOS seminars online this fall!

The HALOS webinar series will offer an online forum for industry and academia to discuss and learn about synchrotron and neutron applications in life science and innovation. 


Photo: Karina Thånell
October 6 | 12 pm | Microscopy at MAX IV

Karina Thånell, researcher MAXIV laboratory

The first speaker is Karina Thånell, Group manager Imaging beamlines at MAX IV.  Her webinar will focus on the available imaging techniques at MAX IV and will show some examples of what can be seen on the nanometre to micron scale in biological samples.

Registration: Please use the following link to register:

Watch the recording of the event: Link to be posted shortly

Photo: Andrea Thorn
November 9 | 12 pm | Inside the Coronavirus

Dr Andrea Thorn, Universität Hamburg

The Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 consists of a multitude of small and macro-molecules, which enable it to infect and hijack host cells. Experiments at large facilities like DESY or MAX IV shed light on these atomic structures and helps us to understand the viral life cycle. In addition, through structure-based drug design, these experimentally detremined macromolecular structures can enable us to find new therapies. In this talk, Dr. Andrea Thorn from the University of Hamburg gives an insight into these viral structures using models and animations. She will tell us about their implications for the pandemic and her team's work with over 500 known macromolecular structures from SARS-CoV and SARS-in order CoV-2 to build a bridge between the pioneers who determined these structures at large facilities and the drug developers at forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Registration: Please use the following link to register:

Photo: Isja de Feijter
November 25 | 12 pm | SAXS (small-angle x-ray scattering technique) in the fight against viral pandemics

Dr. Isja de Feijter, Xenocs

The global COVID-19 pandemic stresses the necessity to accelerate the different stages of drug development, reduce drug candidate attrition rates and establish solid testing protocols to ensure that only safe and stable formulations enter the market. Small and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS and WAXS) can help tackle several of these challenges by offering a fast and robust protocol to analyze the structure, morphology and interactions in the involved systems. In this talk we show how SAXS and WAXS facilitate research, development and quality control at the various stages of drug and vaccine development. Starting with the role SAXS can play for drug and vaccine target discovery, followed by the SAXS analysis of viruses. We highlight how high-throughput screening accelerates preclinical development and finally, how SAXS can function as a fingerprint technique for troubleshooting, manufacturing monitoring and quality control.