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Tech Transfer Report

Balderbeamline, MAXIV. Foto av Kennet Ruona
Balderbeamline, MAXIV. Foto av Kennet Ruona

A study has been done on “company-friendly” Research Infrastructures. What progress have the European large-scale facilities made in terms of hosting private companies doing tests and how can we overcome remaining obstacles?

"Based on ten interviews and desk research that have been carried out, we see that Research Infrastructures have slightly improved their ability to host private companies and developed a more professional approach towards the companies", says Eskil Mårtensson - Regional Development Coordinator. However, he notes remaining obstacles such as different cultures and time frames, different research foci and lack of data treatment. To address these obstacles, several recommendations have been formulated:

-Initiate a common one-stop-shop across the different facilities
-Unify and build up a better capacity to work with data
-Create a better flow of employees from Research Facilities to private companies.