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Workshops on remote access and virtual mobility

A computer screen with blurred meeting participants. Photo. Photography by Sigmund on Unsplash

In the past 18 months alternative cooperation modes for cross-border research have become a new focus of the HALOS mobility activities. Julia Gottwald, network coordinator at the Ministry of Science, Research and Equalities in Hamburg, has together with HALOS regional development team arranged workshops on virtual mobility of researchers and remote access to research infrastructures.

In the two workshops, good practices of virtual cooperation have been shared. This included examples of virtual tools that have been used already for several years as well as practices that have been implemented rather short notice as a response to the pandemic situation. 

Moreover, problems, opportunities, and added value as well as required research funding and supportive political framework have been discussed.

The main conclusions were, that everyone expects more remote and hybrid formats in the future. A strong need is seen to use the momentum caused by lock-down in using and developing new virtual cooperation forms and to shift from piloting character to standards. In this context, more flexible funding and also administrative procedures are needed to establish virtual settings. Also, more international cooperation is required for developing virtual tools and standardisations (e.g. for sample handling for infrastructures). In the context of remote access to research infrastructures, more staff (and thus funding) is required at facilities to provide all-inclusive service for external researchers.


Julia Gottwald
Network coordinator at the Ministry of Science, Research and Equalities in Hamburg

julia [dot] gottwald [at] bwfgb [dot] hamburg [dot] de