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Cross Border Research

HALOS Cross Border Research WP aims to connect industry and academic Life Science researchers to each other and to the ÖKS and Hamburg synchrotron- and FEL-light, neutron and electron microscopy facilities. Importantly, HALOS will provide a platform for access to the needed expertise for the entire pipeline of planning, execution and analysis stages of research projects. 


Expected results

  • A strong network in the Life Science sector in the ÖKS-Hamburg area, with participants from academia, the business sector and research infrastructures, with increased expertise in using ESS, MAX IV, DESY and European XFEL technologies
  • 36 (+5 from the University of Oslo) cross-border projects using FEL light, synchrotron light, neutrons and / or electrons with high innovation potential and with clear connection to issues important for business
  • A base and pool of young Life Science researchers with high skills in the technologies at the research facilities
  • 200 Life Science researchers and Life Science representatives in business with improved knowledge and increased interest in FEL light, synchrotron light, neutrons and / or electronics applications in Life Science
  • Three summer schools for participants from all partner organisations
  • Three or four workshops with 120 participants from ÖKS-Hamburg

HALOS will make a significant difference by bridging industry and facilities and providing direct contacts to academic experts, sharing knowledge and building cross-border and cross-sector networks. The Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA), the Öresund Life Science cluster organisation with over 250 member organisations from BioTech, MedTech and pharmaceutical companies will be a key player in this WP using its well established routes for reaching industry and company representatives at different levels with information and invitations to joint workshops and meetings to maximise the impact of HALOS for regional industry. By using the communication channels of MVA HALOS will gain direct access to its +250 members from the Life Science sector, who together employ approximately 140k people, and include universities, hospitals, human Life Science business, regional governments and service providers. MVA will also promote HALOS scientific seminars, workshops and summer schools through their website, newsletters and digital platforms. HALOS will, together with other mediator initiatives in the region, be an important channel for industry to access infrastructures for electrons, synchrotron- and FEL-light and neutrons. Specifically, HALOS will promote the mutual access of industry to researchers in Life Science at universities and facilities.


Cross-border illustration


Reporting your project results

Please use the below form to report your project results. If you publish please mention HALOS, e.g., "This work was supported by HALOS Cross Border Research Project funding from the EU ÖKS Interreg programme". The document should be sent by email to admin [at] halos-science [dot] eu for comments and layout suggestions before submitting the final report. The report should be submitted not later than two months after finishing your HALOS project.

Additional cross border initiatives

HALOS CBR Steering Committee and partner organisations

Lund University
Chair Kajsa M. Paulsson & deputy Oxana Klementieva
Lund University HALSO CBR Reference Group

Universität Hamburg
Arwen Pearson

University of Copenhagen
Michael Gajhede & deputy Annette Eva Langkilde
UCPH HALOS CBR reference group

Malmö University
Marité Cardenas & deputy Felix Roosen-Runge

Esko Oksanen & deputy Zoë Fisher

Marjolein Thunissen

Hans-Christian Wille & deputy Nele Müller

Maria Garcia Alai

European XFEL
Kristina Lorenzen & deputy Robin Schubert

Bahrenfeld HALOS CBR reference group

Anders Bjorholm Dahl
DTU HALOS CBR reference group

Aarhus University
Gregers Rom Andersen
Aarhus University HALOS CBR reference group

Medicon Valley Alliance
Petter Hartman & deputy Nicole Mastrell

University of Oslo
Reidar Lund & deputy Gabriele Cordara

A meeting for planning cooperation in the Hamburg-ÖKS area
Planning for cooperation in the Hamburg-ÖKS area

Planning for cooperation in the Hamburg-ÖKS area.