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HALOS internship

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Are you a student, PhD or postdoc? Apply now in our HALOS Research Internship Programme to gain cross-border experience. As a PhD or postdoc please submit now your internship proposal!
As a student you will find our internship offers in the right column on this page!



The HALOS Research Internship Programme offers research internships to students in the field of Life Science and Photon Neutron Science. It also welcomes inter-thematic proposals for students that want to explore how the use of synchrotron light, FEL-light, neutrons and electrons or complementary techniques can be of use in Life Science. It gives young researchers the opportunity to post internship positions and look for an intern willing to help them with their research projects.

The Programme facilitates cross-border exchange among young and future researchers across the HALOS Region. The HALOS region includes Öresund-Kattegatt-Skagerak (ÖKS) and Hamburg.

The internship can be remote, hybrid or an on-site project and last 1-12 weeks. During their internship, students will assist in research and lab work for a proposed project.

    Programme objectives

    1. To connect young and future researchers together.
    2. To provide promising students (interns) with the opportunity to gain research experience in an exciting project of their choice
    3. To provide doctoral candidates and postdocs (hosts) with additional skills (intercultural skills, language skills, personal management competencies) which are of prime importance in the global workplace.
    4. To raise the awareness of the next researcher generation for the value of international cooperation within the HALOS region and support cross-border exchange between universities and research facilities.
    5. To support high-quality cross-border research projects that shows that the use of synchrotron light, FEL-light, neutrons and electrons or complementary techniques can be of use in Life Science.

    Four-step application and selection process

    1. PhD/postdoc (internship provider) submits project offer online. The offer will be uploaded on the HALOS Website.
    2. BA/MA student (applicant) applies to the project of his/her choice by sending the application directly to the provider indicated in the offer (with HALOS team in cc).
    3. The internship provider ranks the received applications and informs the HALOS team about the decision. The HALOS team will make arrangements with the scholarship sponsor. Upon approval of the scholarship the candidate (student) can be informed.
    4. Both the intern and host are free to arrange the timing of the internship flexibly, between 1 – 12 weeks. It should be finished before 31st July 2022.

    The HALOS Programme can offer limited financial support to cover for expenses of the internship, depending on host and sending organisation. Please see details in each of the offers. 

    Please see the below sections for instructions for internship providers and students intending to apply for an internship.

    Are you a PhD student or postdoc interested in hosting a student?

    If you are interested in hosting a student, virtually or in your lab:

    Internship Offers

    • PhD student or postdoc offer an internship opportunity in their research project for MA/BA students
    • PhD students and postdocs from any HALOS partner can offer an internship.
    • Internships can be provided as part of a HALOS cross-border research project proposal.
    • The duration of the internship can be between 1 – 12 weeks.
    • Internships can be remote, hybrid or as an on-site project.
    • Projects can cover classical cross-border mobility (student from country A, host from country B) or the PhD student/post.doc takes student to a research visit abroad, e.g. to a large scale facility. In this case a co-host (does not have to be a PhD student or post doc) from country B is needed.

    Are you a student interested in applying for an internship?

    If you are a student and interested to apply:

    • In general MA/BA students from any organisation in the ÖKS and Hamburg region can apply.
    • Search the list of available internships published on the website, until you find the right internship for your research plans.
    • Please send your application directly to the contact person indicated in the offer. Please copy HALOS team (franziska [dot] jerosch [at] bwfgb [dot] hamburg [dot] de) in your email.
    • The application should include a cover letter, CV, certificate of enrolment, contact person for academic references.
    • Submit a Covid-19 declaration to the HALOS Team (franziska [dot] jerosch [at] bwfgb [dot] hamburg [dot] de)
    • The internship provider (host) will inform you about the selection process.
    • A limited number of scholarships are available for the internship positions. The conditions may vary between the different offers. Please check the details indicated in each internship proposal.
    • Students are required to send a short internship report after completion of the internship.
    • Students will receive a certificate of participation.


    We are currently approaching PhDs and postdocs to submit their internship proposals. First offers are expected to be published in December 2021. Please send an email to franziska [dot] jerosch [at] bwfgb [dot] hamburg [dot] de if you are a student interested to participate. You will be informed, once the first offers are published.

    October 2021: call opens for PHD/postdocs to submit their project offers.

    December 2021 – June 2022: Students can apply to internship positions as soon as the first offers are available.

    January 2022 – July 2022: Internship period, as agreed by student and host

    Disclaimer: The HALOS team cannot assume any liability for the up-to-dateness, completeness or accuracy of the offers or the applications as well as for actions by the people involved.


    Mobility Programme Coordinator
    Franziska Jerosch

    Email: franziska [dot] jerosch [at] bwfgb [dot] hamburg [dot] detitle="mailto:franziska [dot] jerosch [at] bwfgb [dot] hamburg [dot] de"

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